What is GG and what is SS?

GG and SS are two currencies used within our system to place bets within our system. GG stands for Gamer Gold and SS stands for Steam Silver. There are a few differences between them namely, how they're obtained (see below) and what they can be used for.

Gamer Gold can be used for placing bets and can be withdrawn from the system as Bitcoin.

Steam Silver can be used for placing bets and can be used for purchasing items from our Steam Market (coming soon).

How do I get GG?

GG is added to a users account when they deposit Bitcoin while logged in to our system. Instructions for doing so may be found under Account -> Deposit. Users may obtain Bitcoin by using one of the third party Bitcoin exchange services linked below:

How do I get SS?

SS is obtained from depositing Steam items into our system. This feature is not yet available.

How do I withdraw my GG to Bitcoin?

See the Account -> Withdrawal section.

When should I bet on a tie?

Betting on a tie outcome is suggested only for advanced users who follow teams/matches closely. More importantly, make sure the match you plan to bet a tie on is a best of 2 format or another format that allows tie outcomes.

Are there any betting limits?

At this time, no there is not.

How does betting work?

If you're familiar with CSGOLounge, we use a similar system which is called Parimutual Betting.

A short summary is, you don't know how much you're going to win until we stop accepting bets. This is because the amount that can be won comes from the people who bet incorrectly, unlike some systems which may offer odds. However, since the unit being used to bet with is fractional, if you bet correctly you're guranteed to win what you bet + some additional amount. The additional amount is determined by your final stake %, this is how much weight your bet carries in the pool you bet on.

For example, if 3 people Joe, Sally, Jim are the only betters on team X and the bet amounts respectively are 10 GG, 30 GG, 70 GG on team X, then Joe has a 10% stake in pool of team X. Supposing their was no rake by our system, if 1000 GG was bet on team Y, and team X won, Joe would win 110GG (10 + (10/100)*1000).

What happens if everyone bet correctly on a match?

Since there is no loser pool (it's 0), all bets are redistribuited back and it's as if the match has never occured. This is because there was no prize to pay back to the people who bet correctly.

Can I cancel a bet?

At this time no, all bets are final. However, before the final product is launched it will be changed so that a bet can be canceled upto 1 hour before the match is expected to start. Once a match is expected to start in less than an hour, all bets still active and being made are final.

When does betting close?

Betting closes 5 minutes before a match is expected to begin.


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